Catching up with Willie Robertson

After an exciting week for one of West Monroe’s most well-known families following a top two finish for Sadie Robertson on Dancing with the Stars and a special Thanksgiving episode of Duck Dynasty, we got the inside scoop from Willie Robertson himself today.

After her the DWTS finale last week, Sadie returned home just in time for Thanksgiving. Sadie has also launched a new line of prom dresses that Willie says are “daddy approved.”

Willie says the family is incredibly proud of Sadie tells us he knew from the beginning that Alfonso would be the one to beat.

Willie says he can’t wait to see what Sadie’s future holds from here on out.

“We’re proud of her. She’s becoming a good little businesswoman at a young age. Which makes me happy as a dad. And she obviously has now all kind of opportunities to do tons of things. And she’s looking at all of them. But right now, I think she just wants to be home and be around family for the holidays and enjoy the time together,” said Willie.
For the Thanksgiving special the Robertsons came and took over the KNOE studio. Willie says this was a unique episode and he wasn’t sure how viewers would respond, but he’s pleased with how it turned out and has been getting positive reactions.

He says this was an idea he had for a while and wanted to showcase part of the Arklamiss.

“It was a really exciting episode for us, because it was totally different than we’ve done any other duck dynasty show. And I had this idea here, I’ve watched the shows here, and I had this idea I said what if we went up there and actually took over and did something. We figured the best time would be thanksgiving to actually have a purpose to come up here.”
So what’s next for this famous family? They’re taking their story to the stage in an off-Broadway musical which will show at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

“Now we’re in the theater world, which is something new for us. So I’ve been out working on that. It’s really the story of our family and where we came from and where we are now. And it’s just incredible, and we wanted to put that in that setting. And it’s pretty surreal watching your lives play out in theater like that.”


via KNOE