Sadie Robertson Supports Girls Empowerment Movement

There are many times when a celebrity will use their influence to support something that is near and dear to their heart. That is certainly the case with Sadie Robertson, who is well known by many because of her part on Duck Dynasty and her appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Sadie Robertson is not only a celebrity, she is also a real person and a young woman. She recognizes that many girls struggle with their own self-image, as does she. That is why she is partnering with BYOU as part of their signature fund raising series. She was “discovered” by the daughter of the founder of BYOU after posting a popular YouTube video that can be viewed below.

The brand, BOYU, has a similar ideal to that of Sadie. Like her, they are also interested in living original, and by their brand, they want to ensure that both they and those who wear their clothing or use their accessories are different, unique and original.

For a limited time, custom designed collections of tanks, tees, bags and hats will be made available through the celebrity event. It will take place from September 8-18, 2015.

Seven dollars from each purchase sold through the event will go to a charity that was handpicked by Sadie. That charity, Purchased, is involved in locating, loving and motivating women who are currently victims of sex trafficking or who work in the sex industry.