Sadie Robertson Gets A New Tattoo To Show She Is Now ‘Fearless’

There have been many celebrity personalities that we have watched since they were younger and we feel as if we know them on a personal basis. That is certainly the case with Sadie Robertson and it doesn’t matter if you are a Duck Dynasty fan or not, you likely have a lot of respect for this young woman and the stand that she takes in life.

Like any individual, Sadie has certainly changed over the years and she has not only grown into a respectable young woman, she also has evolved in her ideas of different things that she wants to do in life. One of those things is getting a tattoo and, although she never liked tattoos, she felt as if this one was just right for her.

She was about to appear before 20,000 people and it just so happened to be the night of the Isis attacks in Paris. After struggling with fear and anxiety for many years, Sadie decided that she was never going to be fearful again. That is why she chose to have “Fearless” tattooed on her forearm, as it would be a constant reminder to live life without fear.