Watch: What Phil Robertson Just Said Could Have Some Calling For Duck Dynasty’s Cancellation

Despite the fact that he was temporarily suspended from the hit reality program ‘Duck Dynasty’ and faced significant backlash from leftist detractors after making prior remarks on the subject, Phil Robertson took his defense of God-ordained sex and marriage even further during a recent sermon.

The Louisiana preacher, businessman, and cultural icon explained that, in the confines of a biblically sound sexual relationship, the risk of disease or any other complication is virtually nonexistent.


“The Bible says one man, one woman,” Robertson said, noting that God created the complementary sexes and the institution of marriage to protect mankind and allow it to flourish.

“They can procreate, fill the earth with offspring,” he continued. “You need to stay together just like that.”

Responding to the widespread diseases that have become even more prevalent as sexual immorality is accepted and even endorsed by the leftist media, Robertson concluded that God created a relationship virtually devoid of such risks.

“You know what those two will never have?” he asked. “They will never have a sexually transmitted disease. You know why? They keep their sex between the two of them and they can’t catch a sexually transmitted disease.”

While he conceded that the potential of contracting such a malady through a blood transfusion or other non-sexual activity still exists, such occurrences are exceedingly uncommon.

“I’ll give you that,” he told the “masters of exception” who would counter his Bible-based message. “But you say, ‘Is it rare?’ It is very, very rare.”

Robertson concluded that “Biblically correct sex is safe sex,” adding that those in such a relationship “are not going to get chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS.”

He blamed increased adherence to the “orthodox liberal opinion” for a spike in STDs, lamenting that too many people buy into the secular doctrine that whatever feels good is acceptable.

“Just breed anything and anybody,” he said. “Just have at it. Go for it. Don’t be bridled and shackled and live a life of restraint before God almighty. Don’t do that.”

Robertson admitted that he, like the vast majority of those hearing his message, has been involved in sexual immorality. Nevertheless, he noted that God’s standard exists and should be adhered to for a reason.

“God’s way is the safe way,” he concluded. “That’s all I’m saying.”



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