42 Years Ago Phil Robertson Made A Shocking Discovery, That’s When Everything Changed

I recently stumble across one of Phil Robertson’s very first TV interviews. Phil tells us a short story on how he found Jesus and the risk they took in starting their lives over again.

42 years ago the Robertson family hit a crossroads. They could continue in a life of sin, or find the courage to accept Jesus and make a beautiful life together again. Phil reveals what he discovered about Jesus that eventually brought the family to where they are today.

I studied evolution in college, but everything changed when I found Jesus. – Phil Robertson

His beard is a bit shorter but his courage and faith is unwavering and shines through. Here’s some classic Phil Robertson that you have probably never seen before.

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I never knew that Phil studied evolution and baptized so many people in the waters of his own backyard. When you follow Jesus with all you heart and lead others to him, life becomes better than you could ever imagine.



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