Being from Louisiana, the boys from Duck Dynasty are accustomed to eating almost anything that moves. That is especially true when something is a nuisance, because you are killing two birds with one stone. Although you can cook critters in many different ways, a family favorite is to take it to Jep’s sausage guy and he will transform it into something delicious! Although sausage is typically made from foods such as pork, veal or beef, it can certainly be made from any type of meat. It is the spices, salt and breadcrumbs that are put in the casing (typically intestine) [More]
Many of us have a list of things that we would like to do in life, something that is usually referred to as a bucket list. It seems as if the members of Duck Dynasty are no different, and Si reveals his personal bucket list to the others. They then go on a quest to fill those items, and you are taken along for the ride. The term “bucket list” may have been used for the first time in 2004 at the debut of the movie by the same name. The saying “kick the bucket”, however, is much older, because [More]
The Robertsons are at it again but this time, they are looking at buying some homemade duck decoys that cost $1000 a piece. Although the father recognizes the value of these decoys, the sons are not fully convinced and it seems as if they are more hassle than what it is worth. What follows is a duck decoy competition that will leave you in stitches! There is evidence that duck decoys were being used for over 2000 years in North America and perhaps even earlier in parts of Egypt! Although they probably don’t compare to these redneck decoys, it certainly [More]
If there is one thing that is universal in families, is the fact the brothers like to play pranks on each other. The Robertson brothers are certainly no different and as you will see in this video, when one redneck plays a prank on another, the results are thigh slappingly funny! The pranks will continue until even Phil is pulled into the mix. One of the most popular days to play pranks is April fool’s day. It is not fully understood how it originated, but it may come from an ancient Roman festival in which people dressed up in disguise.
The stars of Duck Dynasty appeared on a Celebrity Family Feud episode aired yesterday and Korie Robertson gave one seriously unexpected answer. Korie competed alongside husband Willie Robertson, son Luke Robertson, and her daughters Sadie and Rebecca Robertson. They faced off against Mike & Molly star Katy Mixon and her family, hoping to win and raise money for the Urban Ministries charity. Host Steve Harvey introduced the topic, explaining, “Korie, we got two strikes, gotta be careful — the Mixon family can steal. We need this one. We asked 100 married men, ‘Name something of your wife’s you might be [More]
Looks like Sadie Robertson’s dance partner Mark Ballas is spending the holidays with her whole family. And watching the whole crew bust into dance had me giggling myself into a quack-attack! Too cute.    
In this scene from the episode From Duck ‘Til Dawn, the Duck Commander crew plays a prank on Willie.  
Those Robertson kids always have something funny to say. Check out some of their funniest one-liners in this compilation video.      
This is redneck ingenuity in its purist form. An old car frame, some tired iron, a few belts and pulleys and away we go. Builder/operator unknown. This was captured at the Santa Fe Trail Tired Iron Show west of Larned Ks. Oct 11, 2008.