Willie Robertson was Luke Bryan’s special guest on his tour when he stopped in Louisiana. Willie comes on stage at 2:32 mark.    
The Duck Dynasty star was put on a ventilator for four days after collapsing during a hunting trip.    
Tonight on the season 19 week 7 of Dancing with the Stars Reality series Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson & her professional partner Mark Ballas danced a Paso Doble. It was a spooky Halloween special on Week 7 of Dancing With The Stars,  highlighted also by team freestyle dances. Antonio Sabato went home, and Sadie Robertson and her professional partner Mark Ballas turned in a paso doble to mixed reviews. Tensions are continuing to mount as we’re about halfway through season 19 and the celebs are still seeking to tackle new and difficult steps. From Michael’s jive attempt to Antonio’s Viennese waltz, there were a number of tough performances to get [More]
Incredible performance once again from Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Mark Ballas. Sadie was able to turn a very sexy dance into a beautiful and romantic work of art. Way to go #TeamQuackAttack!  
Congratulations Sadie! Such an amazing performance to the Charleston tonight on Dancing With The Stars! Sadie, you made Derek look good!    
The Duck Dynasty just acquired a new member — because John Luke Robertson, the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson, has gotten engaged. John popped the question to his girlfriend, Mary Kate McEacharn, over the weekend while celebrating his 19th birthday. Naturally, the teenage TV personality took to Instagram to share his happy news, posting a shot of himself alongside his betrothed, who proudly flashes her shiny new engagement ring. “She. Said. Yes. @missmarymcmcmc,” he succinctly captioned the snap. For her part, Mary Kate posted a black-and-white version of the pic. “Happy Birthday to the boy I’m going to [More]
When Miss Kay wanted to end her life, her son told her something that shocked her to her core. . .and changed her life forever. If you’ve ever felt you were struggling in life, you need to hear this.     via godvine
I recently stumble across one of Phil Robertson’s very first TV interviews. Phil tells us a short story on how he found Jesus and the risk they took in starting their lives over again. 42 years ago the Robertson family hit a crossroads. They could continue in a life of sin, or find the courage to accept Jesus and make a beautiful life together again. Phil reveals what he discovered about Jesus that eventually brought the family to where they are today. I studied evolution in college, but everything changed when I found Jesus. – Phil Robertson His beard is [More]
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Zach Dasher, the nephew of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, is running for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District. He was on “Hannity”tonight to discuss his platform. “My platform begins with God,” he said, describing himself as a social conservative. He said the issues in this country are coming from “a government that believes that they’re God.” Sean Hannity asked Dasher about the top three issues he would change, if elected. He said, “Number one, we need to overturn ObamaCare because that’s the government forcing us to purchase their health care insurance because they [More]
Despite the fact that he was temporarily suspended from the hit reality program ‘Duck Dynasty’ and faced significant backlash from leftist detractors after making prior remarks on the subject, Phil Robertson took his defense of God-ordained sex and marriage even further during a recent sermon. The Louisiana preacher, businessman, and cultural icon explained that, in the confines of a biblically sound sexual relationship, the risk of disease or any other complication is virtually nonexistent.   “The Bible says one man, one woman,” Robertson said, noting that God created the complementary sexes and the institution of marriage to protect mankind and allow [More]
Were Sadie and Mark safe after their incredible Samba performance? Did America get behind them and vote? Watch the clip and find out…    
Daddy Duck has spoken! Monday’s Dancing With the Stars was a family affair for Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson as she invited her father, Willie, and uncles, Si, Jase and Jep, to be a part of her routine, which was set to Pharrell Williams’ “Hunter” and paid tribute to the most memorable year of her life: the year Duck Dynasty hit the small screen. For the fun samba, which received a 37 out of 40 points, Sadie rocked a feathery frock, complete with sequins and a bit of skin. Since she began her ballroom journey, Willie has has final approval [More]