There have been many moments in the Duck Dynasty series that are noteworthy. In fact, it is impossible to watch any of the shows without chuckling a few times and having at least one, big belly laugh. Obviously, the members of the Robertson family also have their favorite moments in time, and these are the top three that Jase remembers. Each of us has our own way of looking at a specific situation. In many cases, it is a matter of perspective as to whether it is something that is funny or if it is serious. Taking a look at [More]
Life goes on for the Robertson’s, and in this video, one of the greatest things that could happen to a Robertson man takes place. Jep’s wife is very pregnant and he is looking forward to watching the birth, but his father gives some advice that is contrary to it. When they leave for a duck hunt with her close to labor, you can believe that it is going to be a very funny trip, indeed! Traditionally, the man did not go into the delivery room and it has only been in the past several decades that it has become commonplace. [More]
Those of us who watch Duck Dynasty regularly feel as if we have grown up with the family. That is why, when it is time for John and Mary Kate to say ‘I do’, it is a moment that is full of emotion. Even Willie gets emotional over the situation, so you better bring along your tissues. The wedding ceremony is a combination of redneck humor and beauty. Like many young couples, it is a day that as anticipated for quite some time, so they are all smiles. There is no doubt that you will be all smiles as well [More]
I don’t think there is anything that is done normally on Duck Dynasty. That is why I wasn’t surprised when the bachelor and bachelorette parties were somewhat unusual. In this video clip, taken from John Luke’s Wedding Special, you will see that the entire family is able to celebrate in style while putting a Duck Dynasty twist on it that will keep you chuckling. Prior to the time that it was known as a bachelorette party, it was called a “hen party.” This was the popular term in the late 1800s and early 1900s but eventually, it was more aptly [More]
If there is one thing that I know about the Robertson’s, it’s the fact that they are serious about their duck hunting. They live for duck season and if something is wrong with the hunt, they are going to pick up on it right away. The problem is, there is something wrong and its Godwin’s beard! Phil, Willie and the rest of the Robertson’s are convinced that Godwin’s beard is scaring away the ducks. What will Godwin do about it? You have to watch to see but it is hilarious!
In this clip, the middleman radio show is holding a contest and the last person to take their hand off of the wood chipper is going to win it. Of course, with the first two contestants being Willie and Si, you know that something funny is going to happen. It’s not so much the situation, which is funny in itself; it is the conversation that takes place! I’m not sure who is going to win the contest, but you better believe there is some serious bantering going on between these two individuals. I can’t seem to stop laughing!
One of the annual responsibilities of the Robertson’s is to debug and clean up the duck blinds. As you go along with them on this adventure, you never know what they are going to find! One thing that is sure is that it will be interesting, as they find some live critters, some car parts and even some old pickles. As you watch the scene unfold, you can’t help but laugh at what is going on. In many states in the United States, blinds are used for hunting ducks and other types of animals. Some states make it illegal to [More]
In this clip, Jase and Willie think back to a time when they were taking an RV for a trip. Although going out in an RV can be a lot of fun, they didn’t even make it out of the driveway before they were at odds with each other. It is only a normal lack of communication but you will find their communication to be hilarious! There is often tension between family members, especially between brothers. When all is said and done, however, these brothers really care for each other and the family is closely knit. That’s why we love [More]
As the time approaches for John Luke and Mary Kate to get married, it is time for a heart-to-heart over some crawdads. She is being taught how to cook by Missy, Jessica and Phil and they are giving her some friendly advice on being married in the Robertson family. You will love the advice and laugh the whole way through it! All marriage proposals are different, some of them are simple and others are very elaborate. As you will learn in this video, being proposed to buy a Robertson is not always the most romantic situation.
When the Robertson’s get together for a family meeting, they try to get things done but all you will do is laugh! After all, you are dealing with a group of individuals that have a definite opinion and once something is thrown out there, it is nothing more than fish bait. The funniest part, however, is the fact that the family must get prepared for the meeting in advance and the rules… priceless! Meetings are a part of many families, but it is quite different when you’re talking about the Robertson’s. You will love watching this video but you may [More]
For some, unknown reason, Willie is invited to coach the football team where little Willie is a player. After giving some questionable advice to the other players from the sidelines, he challenges little Willie to a race. As you can imagine, the entire scene is so funny that you will laugh out loud! Every football coach has their own, unique way of coaching the team. Some are rough on the players while others are a little bit softer. It seems as if Willie should have toned it down a little bit on the sidelines and perhaps even have taken it [More]
We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but fortunately, the door to the Robertson’s home is always open! In this video clip, we get to take a look behind the scenes and see the unusual hoarding behavior of Miss Kay. Of course, she rationalizes it perfectly and you will be in stitches while watching it! Hoarding has been a problem since time began, but it only recently entered into the public eye through a number of different television shows. Although I don’t think Miss Kay’s problem is going to help any other hoarders rehabilitate, it certainly can make [More]
There is always an adventure going on with the Robertson’s and this time, it is Si who decides to get in on the action and get in shape with some water aerobics. As you can imagine, the laughter starts before they ever even hit the water! After all, with a rousing discussion about diarrhea, who couldn’t enjoy a nice swim!? Water aerobics are a great way to get in shape, if you do them properly. It is easy on the joints and gives you a good cardiovascular workout. I’m not so sure if Si got the benefits, but we sure [More]
If you spend any time watching the Duck Dynasty show, you already realize that the main focus is on the male members of the family. The women typically have something to say, but it does not usually compare with the antics of Willy, Si and the others. That is, of course, until you consider Miss Kay. This video is completely dedicated to the wacky antics of Miss Kay. Not only is she funny, you will find that you are watching it over and over again and laughing harder, each time you view it! We love you Miss Kay!
The Robertson’s are at it again and this time, Si goes along with the boys to an auction. It doesn’t take long before they attract the attention of everybody in the room, including the auctioneer! As the scene unfolds, you will continue to laugh louder and louder as Si starts giving advice on how an auction should be done and it is absolutely hilarious! Auctions date back thousands of years and at one time, the price started higher and continued to get lower. I wonder how Si would’ve handled that bidding strategy. LOL
As John Luke is preparing to take the big leap and tie the knot, he gets some friendly advice from Jep. It all happens during a golf game, and you won’t believe some of the tips that he is receiving! As the conversation continues to unfold, it becomes so funny that you will not be able to stop laughing! Some of the suggestions that are given to John Luke by Jep are not all that horrible, in and of themselves. It is simply the source that makes us laugh and although he has good intentions, we are not so sure [More]
You’ve seen the Robertson’s on Duck Dynasty but now you get the opportunity to see them on another iconic show, Family Feud. Willie and some of the other Robertson family members are going to battle it out with the cast of Mike and Molly. Will the Robertson’s be victorious? You have to watch the video to know for sure! As is the case with many celebrities that play on the family feud show, the money is going to go to charity. The cast from Duck Dynasty is supporting a local charity in Louisiana that cares for homeless individuals. Win or [More]
I don’t know if you have ever visited a petting zoo or not before, but it is quite an experience. Obviously, it was not an experience that Willie wanted to have, but he took the family, including his mother anyway. If the sounds (and obviously the smells) of the petting zoo is not enough to make you laugh, Willies apparent disinterest in what is going on certainly will! Petting zoos are popular across the country but I bet you’ve never seen one quite like this. By the looks of things and with the way Miss Kay is acting, I think [More]
Many families look forward to the time when their children graduate. It certainly is an accomplishment, and much of the family turns out for the occasion. That was the experience of the Robertsons, when John Luke graduated in 2015. This video follows him on the experience but then it provides a rather unique twist, and Miss Kay is involved! One of the hallmarks of the graduation ceremony is the playing of pomp and circumstance. This song was first played at a graduation in 1905 at Yale University. Since that time, it has become synonymous with graduations and is played in [More]
What happens when Willie decides to take the girls bowling? As you can imagine, they get into a rather hilarious situation. Of course, Willie admits to being “almost pro” with his bowling abilities and he feels that he might need to carry the team to victory. What happens from that point forward is not only funny, you will find that you are laughing out loud at it! Bowling is a favorite past time in many towns around the United States and across the world. It is often available, even when there is not much else to do in the area. [More]
Being from Louisiana, the boys from Duck Dynasty are accustomed to eating almost anything that moves. That is especially true when something is a nuisance, because you are killing two birds with one stone. Although you can cook critters in many different ways, a family favorite is to take it to Jep’s sausage guy and he will transform it into something delicious! Although sausage is typically made from foods such as pork, veal or beef, it can certainly be made from any type of meat. It is the spices, salt and breadcrumbs that are put in the casing (typically intestine) [More]
Many of us have a list of things that we would like to do in life, something that is usually referred to as a bucket list. It seems as if the members of Duck Dynasty are no different, and Si reveals his personal bucket list to the others. They then go on a quest to fill those items, and you are taken along for the ride. The term “bucket list” may have been used for the first time in 2004 at the debut of the movie by the same name. The saying “kick the bucket”, however, is much older, because [More]
The Robertsons are at it again but this time, they are looking at buying some homemade duck decoys that cost $1000 a piece. Although the father recognizes the value of these decoys, the sons are not fully convinced and it seems as if they are more hassle than what it is worth. What follows is a duck decoy competition that will leave you in stitches! There is evidence that duck decoys were being used for over 2000 years in North America and perhaps even earlier in parts of Egypt! Although they probably don’t compare to these redneck decoys, it certainly [More]
Like many teenage children, Sadie and John Luke decided it is time to get some summer jobs. They work in the diner and of course, Willie is their boss. After getting some fatherly advice on how to handle customers, Korie shows up to check in on the action and to get some bacon cheese fries. Some families will shelter their children and not allow them to work on their own in order to earn money. Obviously, that is not the way of the Robertson family and as you will see, the children learned some valuable lessons in an extremely funny [More]
If there is one thing that is universal in families, is the fact the brothers like to play pranks on each other. The Robertson brothers are certainly no different and as you will see in this video, when one redneck plays a prank on another, the results are thigh slappingly funny! The pranks will continue until even Phil is pulled into the mix. One of the most popular days to play pranks is April fool’s day. It is not fully understood how it originated, but it may come from an ancient Roman festival in which people dressed up in disguise.
What happens when the Duck Dynasty boys hit the NASCAR circuit? As you can imagine, a very funny situation is about to develop. Unfortunately for some of the cast, they were either too tall or “too fat” to fit in the car but that didn’t stop a few others from getting in and taking it for a spin. The result? A hilarious competition! Jep was there to capture some of the action with his selfie stick. Although many people consider this to be a new development for smartphones, there is evidence to show that they may have been in use [More]
Willie would like to be able to teach John Luke, Korie and Mary Kate a lesson in tennis, but it’s not certain as to whether he’s going to be able to make it through the game or not. You have to watch this one to the end to see what the outcome is going to be. This scene is from season eight in a show known as “Pit Perfect”. It seems as if the Robertsons get into everything, including tennis, which is an unlikely sport for such an individual. As Willie shows, however, looks can be deceiving!
There have been many touching moments that we were introduced to throughout the Duck Dynasty show and the following certainly leads the list. Fortunately, this blessed family was strong and was able to face up to any hardships and overcome them. You will love this video, because it presents some of the most touching moments that passed before us.
Many of us are familiar with the TV show Duck Dynasty but what we may not realize is that they are real people, living real lives. That was the experience of one couple who was expecting a daughter. After finding out that there was a problem with the pregnancy, they weren’t sure what was going to take place. The difficulty showed up on a 4D sonogram, and it showed that the child had a cleft lip and possibly, a cleft palate. This is a very dangerous situation, but they relied on their faith in order to get beyond it and [More]
Willie Robertson was asked by the Fox and Friends panel what he thought about his fellow Louisianan, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump, both Republican candidates. Willie endorsed Bobby Jindal, but commended Donald Trump for some of his recent actions. “Great guy, Christian man, just a smart guy. And always there,” the Duck Dynasty star said about Gov. Jindal and added: “I think we saw that through everything the state has been through, you know, Bobby shows up, he’s there and he wants to be with the people and hug their necks and hold their hands, and it didn’t surprise [More]
The stars of Duck Dynasty appeared on a Celebrity Family Feud episode aired yesterday and Korie Robertson gave one seriously unexpected answer. Korie competed alongside husband Willie Robertson, son Luke Robertson, and her daughters Sadie and Rebecca Robertson. They faced off against Mike & Molly star Katy Mixon and her family, hoping to win and raise money for the Urban Ministries charity. Host Steve Harvey introduced the topic, explaining, “Korie, we got two strikes, gotta be careful — the Mixon family can steal. We need this one. We asked 100 married men, ‘Name something of your wife’s you might be [More]
  Miss Kay is a pillar of the Robertson family. They wouldn’t do anything without her. In the video below she talks about abuse, cheating, alcohol, depression and fear, but the real story is how God delivered her and her family. It’s amazing how God leads each of us to see and hear how He has worked in the hearts of others. Please share this inspiring video with your family and friends on Facebook.    
  Sean Hannity interviews Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty and founder of Duck Commander. They talk about Duke University going to play the Muslim prayer through their loud speakers and other events. Phil Robertson says that America has lost Jesus and everyone is walling off Jesus including schools, government and being politically correct. Please share this video with your family and friends on Facebook.
  World record / champion shooter Jerry Miculek trades guns with Phil Robertson of Duck Commander and the show “Duck Dynasty” and test his luck at shooting skeet with their shotguns! Guns used: Mossberg 930 JM/ Duck Commander. Please share this video with your family and friends on Facebook.
Despite her rise to fame and her celebrity status, eighteen-year-old Sadie Robertson struggles with self-worth just like any other teenager. However, she got tired of reading about people’s “goals” on Instagram (which of course lead to comparing oneself to others) Sadie has a strong message for young people: be yourself and live originally. living original will just make you happy happy happy ☀️ #liveoriginal 3.24.15 A photo posted by @legitsadierob on Mar 24, 2015 at 10:34am PDT   She openly shares this message in this YouTube testimonial:   It is important to be yourself and embrace your originality. Please share this important message [More]
MONROE, La. – It’s the American dream. W.L. ‘Jack’ Howard and his brother Alton started life on a farm in Union Parish, but with some hard work and determination, they built an empire of discount stores across the south Jack, the charismatic motivator, also dabbled in politics. He severed as Monroe’s mayor for five terms. And Alton, who enjoyed calling the shots behind the scenes, felt it was his life’s mission to spread the gospel. “His brother Jack Howard was speaking and Jack was talking about Alton, and all good things. And he said the only thing I find trouble [More]